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Re: anonymous dupload stopped working

Adam C Powell IV dijo [Tue, Apr 05, 2005 at 09:55:53AM -0400]:
> Greetings,
> About two weeks ago (or perhaps earlier, I don't know),
> anonymous-ftp-master stopped functioning as an upload host.  I think
> this corresponded to a dupload upgrade (2.6.3 in testing), since the
> $default_host line was commented reflecting a new dupload.conf.
> Has anyone else had this problem?  I can't find anything about it using
> google.  And I'd like to get some bug fixes uploaded before the freeze.


I have had this same problem - I will try with dput, as some people
pointed out it does work. Strange thing is, looking into this specific


It reports that it was successfully uploaded yesterday to unstable. It
showed the same information some time ago (I did this same upload
about a week ago).

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