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Re: Bug#305000: ITP: alltray -- Dock any program into the systemtray

Jochen.Baier@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de wrote:
in may opinion it is more horrible that you think you can decide what other
people should do and what not. if the user want such functionality there should
be such a functionality. i know the HIG for the "new" notification area and it
is good for notificate the user. so way not make a new panel applet for
notification and the old one is for "traying". problem solved. ALL people are
happy (not only the HIG guys).

The point I was trying to make (in a somewhat silly and satirical way) was that the notification area as it currently exists may well disappear with the new notification framework. So relying on an infrastructure that was never intended for the purpose you use it for may well be foolish idea. I'm not criticising your software, its certainly been done before (gnome-swallow-applet) and it might even be considered useful in some situations. As the author you of course feel that i'm making a personal insult against you, that is far from my intention. I just wonder what the sensibility is of including a package where the infrastructure it relies on may well enter a state of flux in the forseeable future.



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Rob Bradford <robster@debian.org>

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