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Re: All GPL'ed programs have to go to non-free

On Fri, Apr 15, 2005 at 11:13:04PM -0400, Glenn Maynard wrote:
> This makes it extremely clear that, as far as the Social Contract is
> concerned, everything in Debian is software, covered by the DFSG.  This
> is a discussion that's done and complete, settled by GR2004-003, and
> I'm not interested in rehashing those discussions yet again.
> (It's disappointing that on one hand, we have people insisting that
> every decision should go through a complete GR to involve the whole
> Project and refuse to accept any amount of consensus otherwise; while
> on the other hand, the few issues--such as this one--that actually do
> go through a GR and are firmly decided *still* come under debate again
> and again.)

I've heard three different stories describing this GR:
1. it contained only Editorial amendments and didn't change anything
2. the Debian developers decided in this GR that documentation has to
   fulfill the full DFSG guidelines
3. many Debian mistakenly agreed with it because they mistakenly
   beliefed after reading the title that it only contained editorial 
   and no actual changes

You claim that through this GR it was "firmly decided".

If this was true, please give a good explanation WTF a GR that causes 
big changes was titled "Editorial amendments to the social contract" 
instead of "Debian will treat everything as software".

> Glenn Maynard



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