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Re: Bug#303725: specter: FTBFS (amd64/gcc-4.0): syntax error before '{' token

Verdan writes:
 > Hello
 > > With the attached patch 'specter' can be compiled
 > > on amd64 using gcc-4.0.
 > It's not so easy. It was done that way to allow specter compile on gcc
 > 2.95. This patch makes it impossible, so I hesitate to apply it.
 > Moreover fourth version of gcc is really experimental, and if I had to
 > choose specter compiling on 4 or 2.95 version I would choose 2.95.

no, please don't. the gcc-4.0.0 release is announced for April. It's
kept out of unstable due to the sarge freeze. you should not consider
it experimental.

 > For telling truth I don't know what to do now; upstream doesn't aprove
 > this patch and won't include it in 1.4pre2 version of specter.
 > I consider setting ,,wontfix'' tag.
 > What do You think about that ?

You can ask for the compiler version used and apply a patch or set a

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