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Bug#304513: RFP: kernel-patch-2.4-v4l2

On Wed, Apr 13, 2005 at 09:12:39PM +0200, martin f krafft wrote:
> also sprach Martin Samuelsson <debian-devel@cos.user.lysator.liu.se> [2005.04.13.1938 +0200]:
> > Is there a guide somewhere on how to create kernel-patch packages?
> Nope, until I find the time... the dh-kpatches package makes it
> rather easy though, provided your patches are single files per
> kernel release. So check out that package and some kernel-patch
> packages using it.

Thanks, that information and some looking at (read copying from)
kernel-patch-debianlogo I think made me create a fairly working package. 

I also created the wishlist bug #304688 about getting dh_make to
simplify a task as this one.

For the one interested in the package in question, what I ended up doing
was the following:

Upstream provides two alternatives of the patches. One big patch file
and a set of smaller ones. Ideally would have been to apply only the big
one, which I tried first. However since one of the individual patch
files and parts of another were already applied to the debian sources
that didn't work.

To make use of dh-kpatches I therefor applied the patches that needed to
be applied and made a new diff file against a clean debian source dir.

Successfully it has been applied to 2.4.26-6 and 2.4.27-8. The first of
them has also been compiled and actually tried to see that it works.
That needs still to be done with 2.4.27.

A working, but with more work needed file can be found at:

If anyone read all the way down here, were do we go from here? Should we
have this patch included in debian? Why could maintain it in that case?
I am currently not a DD, but if someone would be willing to sponsor me I
could try managing the package for a short while. I must say I'm not the
ideal maintaner of it though since the only hardware to work with is
located in an embedded system that I can not mess with and in a month I
will not even have that.

Otherwise I'll just add this to apt-get.org and leave it as it is.

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