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Re: advice needed on handling network port conflicts

On Thu, Apr 21, 2005 at 12:07:26PM -0400, Eric Cooper wrote:

> But if apt-proxy is still installed and running when apt-proxy starts
> up, it will fail because the port is in use.  Should I make the approx
> package conflict with apt-proxy?  Both packages allow the port to be
> changed to something else, so it's not impossible for them to coexist
> (just difficult in their default configurations).  Any suggestions
> or policy pointers here would be appreciated.

  Apache2 does some magic in its postinst script which recognises
 when port 80 is in use and disables itself, by placing something
 similar to the following in /etc/defaults/apache2:


  This is then tested in the init.d script, and is used to prevent
 it from starting.

  Perhaps you can do something similar?  


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