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CVSNT package

Hi all

I've found on www.cvsnt.org 
a NT ported version of CVS with some nice extra features
http://www.cvsnt.com/cvspro/compare.htm like ssl, acl

I downloaded at http://www.cvsnt.org/wiki/Download and 
It looks like you were packaging/NMUing this in the past 
I can't find any reference in BTS about this, 
Any idea why this is out of debian now?
The package is quite outdated, but I have it a little bit better now. 

I'd like to upload it again, does someone want to take it as a
maintainer? co-maintain it?

Thanks in advance for your advices, suggestions, informations, flames


P.S: I CC this to debian-devel if someone interested catch this.

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