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Re: CVSNT package

On Thu, Apr 07, 2005 at 09:21:06PM +0200, Christian BAYLE wrote:

> Hi all

Hi Christian,

> I've found on www.cvsnt.org 
> a NT ported version of CVS with some nice extra features
> http://www.cvsnt.com/cvspro/compare.htm like ssl, acl
> I downloaded at http://www.cvsnt.org/wiki/Download and 
> It looks like you were packaging/NMUing this in the past 
> I can't find any reference in BTS about this, 
> Any idea why this is out of debian now?
> The package is quite outdated, but I have it a little bit better now. 

the debian/changelog is the one of the Debian cvs package up to 
1.11.1p1-5 plus one additional cvsnt entry at the top.

It doesn't seem cvsnt itself was ever part of Debian.

> Christian



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