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Re: [Webmin-maintainers] Bug#304208: usermin-contrib: FTBFS: FileManager.java:6: package netscape.javascript does not exist

On 05-Apr-12 09:30, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:
> Andreas Jochens wrote:
> > When building 'usermin-contrib' on i386/unstable with sun-j2sdk1.4,
> > I get the following error:
> So don't do that then.  The build depends is for j2sdk1.4 (i.e. Blackdown.)

'j2sdk1.4' is virtual package which is provided by 'sun-j2sdk1.4',
'blackdown-j2sdk1.4' and 'ibm-j2sdk1.4' all of which can be created
with the help of 'make-jpkg' from 'java-package'. So the Build-Depends
seem to allow the use of 'sun-j2sdk1.4'.

Anyway, the package also does not compile with the j2sdk1.4 
from Blackdown or IBM.

> > Something seems to be missing here.
> netscape.javascript.JSObject used to be in the Java plugin but apparently
> Sun has dropped it.  I know next to nothing about Java but if you can
> figure out a workaround that would be great.

I googled a bit, but unfortunately I could not yet find any 
useful hint where to get 'netscape.javascript.JSObject', sorry.

Why did you close #304208? Can you compile 'usermin-contrib'?

I think that it is a bug if a source package cannot be compiled. 
Even if the package is from 'contrib', there should be at least a 
description of a working procedure to build the package. 
If external files are necessary to build a package, it should 
also be specified how to get those files.

Am I wrong here? What is the general opinion on this?

Andreas Jochens

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