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Re: crediting debconf translators, revisited

Quoting sean finney (seanius@debian.org):
> hi all,
> some time back, i remember somebody asking what the proper way was to
> credit translators who provided debconf template translations.  the
> consensus seemed to be that mentioning them in the changelog was
> sufficient.
> not being satisfied with that, however, i wrote up a small script
> to directly credit their work, which i redirect into a file under
> /usr/share/doc/$package/ during package build.
> if anyone's interested, it's at:
> http://people.debian.org/~seanius/goodies/credit-xlators/credit-xlators

Sending it as a contribution to the po-debconf package is IMHO a good
idea and I guess Denis Barbier will welcome it (so will I...:-)))

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