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Re: Re; Okay, that's too much now! Redirecing root emails to a gmail account Removal of a Desktop Environment repo keys fail Reporting a bug affecting multiple packages road warrior VPN with IPCop2 rsyncd - chroot failed Re: Running HAL and udev Simultaneously Running HAL and udev Simultanteouly Screen goes blank after "EDID checksum is invalid" errors Searching for MAAS equivalen Solved Re: problem with debmirror Sound card question squeeze error message Re: Status of repository debian/testing? Status of repository debian/testing? stuck on 7.7 and unable to upgrade :( suppress document printing status window Re: Suspend-sedation Problem System admin type package Metche? System hangs on boot after upgrade to jessie systemd ignores / overrides 'shutdown -t' delay? Systemd ignores / overrides 'shutdown -t' delay? Re: systemd-logind emitting messages Re: systemd-logind emitting messages to the terminal upon login Terminal Madness? Test Post (Ignore) testing/stretch package source Re: ThinkPad R51 creeping segmentation faults Too many screen clearings Touchpad not working properly on ASUS T300LA Re: Trying to install Adobe AIR upgrade stable to testing or upgrading testing - very bad situation of the repository! Upgrading Debian upgrading debian 8.1 to 8.2 Upgrading debian to specific minor version uprading from squeeze to jessie URGENTLY need help on using VPN W.: Re: Jessie on RPI2 Re: What USB3 chipsets are supported by the Jessie kernels? Which program shows info about virtual packages --- apt-cache no good. (was ... Re: Re : adobe flash player in iceweasel does not work anymore in jessie) who/w/finger/last printing ip address Why "Midori" web browser is not there in Debian 8 jessie? Why is my syslog filling up with 'wakeup int at ci_hdrc.1' 'ci_hdrc ci_hdrc.1: at ci_controller_resume' 'ci_hdrc ci_hdrc.1: at ci_runtime_suspend' ? Re: Why was System 5 rc a problem? Wie restauriert man alte NetworkManager Konfigurationen? Re: Will you come to Yiwu in Oct.? xen qemu on nfs livelock xenix (sysv) filesystem xorg-server not exists in my stretch Re: {SOLVED}virtualbox-usb printer not recognized The last update was on 21:24 GMT Sun Jun 23. There are 1231 messages. Page 3 of 3.

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