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Re: who/w/finger/last printing ip address


On Wed, Sep 09, 2015 at 11:50:17AM -0500, David Wright wrote:
> Quoting Reco (recoverym4n@gmail.com):
> > So, long story short, last version of 'w' which printed hostnames by
> > default should be squeeze's one, and even then they used compilation
> > flag to make it do so.
> I'm trying to follow this, but it doesn't seem to square with my own
> observations.

Ok. As they say - 'there should be a logical explanation for this' :)

> I've edited the following output to pertinent entries in context
> (you don't need my TV's hostname/IP#).

Indeed. They are irrelevant in this case.

> west runs jessie, alum runs wheezy. jessie first:
> west ~ $ w
< 'w' showing hostnames skipped >
> alum ~ $ w -i
> w: invalid option -- 'i'

This. Since 'w' from 'procps' package clearly supports '-i' flag - it
means you use some different 'w'. Please post the output of:

ls -al /usr/bin/w
ls -al /etc/alternatives/w


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