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Re: upgrade stable to testing or upgrading testing - very bad situation of the repository!

On 9/6/2015 2:45 PM, Seeker wrote:

On 9/6/2015 1:19 PM, Joe wrote:
OK, thanks. I would hope not Gimp also...

Don't know how affected testing is by which transitions, but the ones the were causing
me grief in unstable were taglib, clucene, ffmpeg-libav, and opencv.

I expect flac, libmusicbrainz5, and libtorrent-rasterbar were adding to the confusion as


I did uninstall ktorrent since I have not been using it anyway and I was finally able to get
everything up to date without removing anything I care about keeping.

I did have to work at it to find combinations that would not cause a big list of removals.

I use Synaptic. First using the default upgrade to get the low hanging fruit. Then making selections from the things that remain. Then going through the list of obsolete packages and selecting packages to purge. If selecting something to purge gives me a list of changes that includes something I want to keep that has a newer version available, and the list of those things is reasonably small, then I will give the OK for that, then switch to 'Custome Filter --> Marked Changes' then change the selection for the things I want to keep
to upgrade in order to see what else that triggers.

Later, Seeker

DOH!!! Spoke too soon. =-O

Synaptic decided to be weird and not show me stuff. I had just upgraded stuff and had not yet closed Synaptic afterward, something that was upgraded must have affected the running synaptic, which I have not had happen very often, but it's not the first time.

After closing and starting it again there are still some things I can't upgrade/remove

One KDE4 packages depends on libgpgme++2, if I were to remove the dependant package that would cause other KDE4 stuff to be removed. If I upgrade it, that would cause gimp
to be removed.

libilmbase6 and libopenexr6 are then listed as things that have pre-transition type names
that would be removed with post-transition names that would be installed.

Opencv is also in the list of things it would cause to be upgraded which can't be upgraded
without causing something else to be removed.

For me the list *is* getting small now. :-)

Later, Seeker

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