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Re: Status of repository debian/testing?

Quoting Joe (joe@jretrading.com):

> I don't think your situation will get any better, the number of
> upgrades needed will just increase. I don't think aptitude will ever
> manage an upgrade of this size, and I don't think apt-get is clever
> enough to do it cleanly.
> There was some discussion after the last release, as to whether people
> using testing should continue to track testing, or stay with jessie
> until testing had 'settled down a bit'. There was an [obviously
> correct] opinion that testing would change dramatically quite quickly,
> and [I think an incorrect opinion] that this large change could be
> avoided by waiting. I was of the opinion that the longer the change was
> delayed, the greater the upheaval when it happened. Testing would draw
> further and further away from jessie, it would never get closer. I think
> your situation demonstrates the disadvantage of waiting.

This may be true for testing/stretch in the short term while the
packages have inconsistencies between suitable versions to install
with each other. In the long term, however, apt-get's job will once
again get easier as the inconsistencies are ironed out.

So waiting could still be a sensible option at this time. Some of us
have yet to finish sorting out jessie (in my case, as a production
system, not as an upgrade target).


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