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Re: upgrade stable to testing or upgrading testing - very bad situation of the repository!

I suspect it will be more than a few days. Unstable has been disrupted
for weeks, and aptitude full-upgrade still shrugs and says 'I can't do
it, do you want to have a try?' There are more than 150 packages stuck
at the moment, on a system with just over 4000 installed.

Apt-get dist-upgrade wants to pull about seventy packages, but some are
libraries which will be replaced by new versions. Gimp and
gnome-mplayer are in the list, which I'm not willing to give up yet. If
I get bored, I might mess around with synaptic to see if I can upgrade
a few, but clearly there is still significant trouble.

gnome-mplayer is removed from testing and unstable. So I wouldn't wait to



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