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Re: Terminal Madness?

On 2015-09-28, Bob Bernstein <bob@fanatick.org> wrote:
> I am in an xterm window running in icewm, and its config looks 
> like this:
> xterm -fg white -bg black -geometry x26 -fa 'Deja vu Sans Bold' 
> -fs 24
> (I've since changed to Luxi Mono just as a test of sorts.)

I would have tried another text editor.

>===> Has anyone EVA seen text file characters in an editor just 
> change before their eyes without any intervention from the 
> operator?

I've seen things I thought were there that weren't, due to the internal
state of my machine. 

(I suppose you've verified by the usual procedures that no other
instances of alpine are running.)

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