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Re: Screen goes blank after "EDID checksum is invalid" errors

Johannes Bauer composed on 2015-09-06 11:45 (UTC+0200):

> My guess is that it's trying to do some font switching or frame buffer
> stuff, can't read what the monitor has to offer and switches to a weird
> setting. The system is alive (can ssh into it), but I'd like console
> output as well.

> So I've tried adding "nomodeset", "nofb" and "vga=normal" to my kernel
> cmdline, changed grub to GRUB_TERMINAL=console. The problem remains.

> Can anyone's crystal ball reveal some clues on what's going on here and
> how I could fix that?

Just 3 ideas to try:
1-Try noplymouth on cmdline if plymouth is installed, or uninstall it.
2-replace grub2 with grub legacy if not using UEFI, leave quiet off cmdline,
and set video mode using either vga= and/or video=.
3-ask on intel-gfx@lists.freedesktop.org mailing list and/or search its archive.
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