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Re: Searching for MAAS equivalen

On 2015-09-26, Brian <ad44@cityscape.co.uk> wrote:
> On Sat 26 Sep 2015 at 15:45:54 +0000, Curt wrote:
>> On 2015-09-26, Brian <ad44@cityscape.co.uk> wrote:
>> >
>> > No offence taken here; it's a 10 second search to discover what MAAS is.
>> > Debian doesn't seem to have an equivalent. 
>> >
>> That's what I found out in thirty seconds (I admire your celerity).
> Thanks. I spend a lot of time on improving my vegetable patch.

I've dyed my American roots, but I still eat them with peanut butter
slathered in the groove.

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