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Re: ThinkPad R51 creeping segmentation faults

I finally got back to this ThinkPad R51 stability problem and was able to definitively assign blame to a defective (at least in this box) memory module. Defective memory was suggested on list as a probable cause, so thank you. I first used the "mem=1G" kernel boot parameter to limit memory used to the lowest addressed 1GB part out of two. When that configuration proved stable, I then swapped the memory module in the expansion bay, assumed higher address, with one in another laptop that I have. That configuration proved stable as well. So problem solved for the ThinkPad R51.

Both modules mentioned are by Crucial. Thus far, the module that didn't function reliably in the ThinkPad R51 seems to have no problems in my Compaq NX6110. Of course I'm still tracking that module and have a couple of backup modules on order. The modules on order are not by Crucial.

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