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2.4 kernel for SUNstation 20 2.6.5, sparc64, no keyboard 2.6 for SS20 SMP? 2.6.x kernel for Sparc? 2.6.x with no X on a U5 about Sun Enterprise 5500.... Add modem to a SPARC 5? Re: Alpha PC164 [ANNOUNCE] debian-installer floppy images available for SPARC Arnos firewall script audio output on sun blade 100 Re: Blade150 and sarge bugs... Re: booting kernel ultra 10 - kernel hangs booting ultra 10 - kernel hangs bterm vs. creator 3d Re: Bug#242343: debian-installer beta 3 sparc netinst image failed to boot up on Ultra10 Re: Bug#243378: xpdf crashes Re: Bug#243924: Status-report (Sparcstation LX) - netinst iso (24. Apr 2004) Re: Bug#245246: xserver-xfree86: xserver starts but suddenly dies before and windowmanager or similar starts Bug#245620: ok, but.. Re: Can't boot linux on sun blade 2000 Can't install Debian on Sunblade2000 Can't locate module char-major-4 Cron not working Debian for SunBlade100 Debian + HardDrive 250GB debian-installer failure on a Sun Fire 280R debian-installer latest netinst image failed to boot up on Ultra10 Debian, soft-ware for you. Re: [debian-sparc] Networking with Ultra1 Disk geometry problem d-i: sparc64 problems: a summary dist-upgrade on testing gives errors on konqueror does anyone care about sparc CDs for sarge? Dual head PGX24 Re: E250 LED indicators Exim4 on Sparc? firewire/usb Fix for bridge-utils for Sparc64 电脑病毒,不用愁,群力帮你手! Gratitude to Ben Re: Gratitude to Ben , Re: Can't boot linux on sun blade 2000 GTK+ 2.4 on sparc Help needed with failed build (#220928) help with getting sarge cds to boot Install build-dependencies for docbook2x install debian in ultra sparc II Issue # enquiry Re: kernal-source package for sparc? kernel woes Lab manual for SPARC libgimp2.0 fails to install Re: List 'slug' closed to public posts mount cdrom (newbie) Must I have the file "sys/io.h" ??? netboot image ... OK or not ? netboot , need help Re: netra t4 Networking with Ultra1 [newbie] Install/Boot problem New to Debian-Sparc no keyboard after recompiling debian sid 2.6.4 kernel "No MS-DOS partition table" on bootup PCI USB card & Sun Ultra 5 => hangs on boot pkginfo lookalike for debian? PPP network restarting problem prelinking?. [was: Re: something busted in fonts on debian/sparc in unstable?] Problems with Debian 3.0 + SPARCstation 4 + SVGALib 1.4.3 Problems with Kernel 2.6.5 and xserver, sorry wrong subject [was: serial-console] problems with SunBlade100 and Xfree 4.3 problem with bterm and frame-buffer ? quanta / kde bug? question ross cpu manuals? rveerse the effects of @ging Phaedra Blackfoot Sarge on a Sparc5 Re: Seagate Barracuda drives for SparcStation20 serial-console Slightly OT: SCSI on SPARCServer 630MP spam issue... sparc20/woody ... waugh! SS20 boot problem ss20 freeze Status-report (Sparcstation LX) - netinst iso (24. Apr 2004) structure error in make menuconfig in kernel 2.6 sunblade 150 + debian. sun ultra10 usb problem tape server on netra t1 This is Auto Return Mail from eBANK A tiring recipe to install sarge! U5 - woody (2.4.24) - 3com 3crdag675 - pci wifi adapter - madwifi driver ultra 10 started booting read only? corruption? rebuild? Ultra 1E CD Boot Problem unsubscribe Re: VIS optimized motion compensation code. Votre message pour deust303 a ete rejete Re: Warning about your e-mail account. woody on ultra sparc Netra AX - Help Re: Working 2.4.25 config (was: Re: U5 - woody (2.4.24)...) Re: XFree86-4.4.0 on Ultra5 behaves funny XFree86 X server: does loading the dri module still hose sunffb users? Re: XFree86 X server: does loading the dri module still hose sunffb users? Re: Xserver The last update was on 20:06 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 305 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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