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RE: 2.6 for SS20 SMP?

I have gotten 2.4.24 kernels to boot, but not with SMP. The magic
numbers seems to be just a bit over 1mb. I am trying to carve the kernel
down to get it to boot. Does anyone have information on the exact max
size for a kernel on the old Sparcs? Is this a prom or SILO function?



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Subject: 2.6 for SS20 SMP?

I have been having problems getting later kernels after 2.4.24
to boot on my SparcStation 20 - the vmlinuz is too big or some

Any clues on this / is there a 2.6 kernel available that will
do sparc32-smp?

Angling to get this system to Linux Expo in London next week just
to show that up to date Linux on old Sparc is entirely practicable.


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