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Re: [newbie] Install/Boot problem

As a quick idea:

ok printenv
Parameter name        Value        Default
/* cut */
auto-boot?                true            false
 boot-device               disk3:a    disk net

The boot device is id3, first partition.
The system default for autoboot was to check disk first (disk is an alias
for a scsi id) and if that didnt work, boot from the network.

ok setenv boot-device disk
boot-device =             disk

another printenv will show the boot device has been changed.
Check the OBP manual.. it provides plenty more detail on this !

hope this helps

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> Hi
> > Just have to figure out how to boot from disk by default i.e. turn "boot
> > net",
> > as a default, off.
> >
> you can do that in openboot (STOP-A), type help to get a list of commands.
> there you can change the defaults using set <something>
> best regards,
> Alex Bartok
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