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audio output on sun blade 100


I have another question: with 2.6.5, I have much better sound than with
2.4.24 (in 2.6.5 I'm using snd_ali5451, in 2.4.24 it was the trident
module). I can also use aumix or gnome-volume-control to increase or
decrease the volume. However, I can't change the output device from
builtin speaker to line out:
# audioctl -a
/dev/audioctl: No such device
# ls -l /dev/audioctl*
crw-rw----    1 root     audio     14,   7 Apr 19 01:59 /dev/audioctl
(Note that I'm not running udev or anything like that.)

Is it possible to change the output device in linux on a sun blade 100?
If so, how?

Best regards


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