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Dual head PGX24

Hi people!

I have a sun blade 100 with an extra PGX24 running an up to date
unstable. With 2.4.24, this works pretty well (I have 2 displays
running, xinerama not yet tested).

I decided to try kernel 2.6.5, which at first wouldn't let me start even
just one server on my first screen, but after applying the small sprintf
patch for arch/sparc64/kernel/pci.c [1], I have an X running on my first

However, I can't get the second framebuffer working. X just says in it's
logfile: "(EE) ATI(1): Adapter has not been initialised." and uses only
my first framebuffer.

If I do X -configure, it detects the second card, and says that it
created a config file for 2 screens, but when I use that config, I get
the same result.

Is this due to the hack in the kernel source and will it be fixed once
XFree86 is made to work correctly, or am I forgetting something?

I've put my current X config at:

Best regards



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