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New to Debian-Sparc


this are my first steps running linux on a sparc-machine.
A few days ago I bought a used Ultra60 at Ebay. 
After installing Solaris on the first disk, I want to try linux now.

First, the machine has 2 450-Mhz-Ultrasparc cpus, 2 GB ram and 2 9.1-GB

Yesterday I tried to install Debian 3.0r2.
(I wanted to test d-i, but the cdimages don't have any kernel module in
the initrd, so no installation possible, see bug #243457)
I partitioned the second disk and installed woody straight forward. 
The problem was 'Making the system bootable', I just selected yes,
rebooted and nothing happened. 
I booted the rescue system, read silo documentation, had no idea what
was wrong. It was an error at layer 8 (sitting in front of the screen)
:-). I tried to 'boot disk2' instead of 'boot disk1' for the second
But one question remains, I didn't find any hint in which place silo
will be installed, and can I change it? 
After this adventure I think it will be installed in the boot block of
the disk '/boot'-Partition is on. Is this right?

Now I was able to complete my install and upgrade to unstable :-)
then I wanted to compile a custom kernel. I wanted to use menuconfig.
after installing lib64ncurses* menuconfig compiled but it always hangs
after parsing the .config. I don't know why. and xconfig has a problem
with tkparse. I  tried kernel-source 2.4.25 and 2.6.5, both transcripts
attached. Can anyone help?

btw. can I use these kernels on a ultrasparc?

and I discovered another problem, I  cannot run 'top'. I always get
top: failed /proc/stat read

Jörg Friedrich

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