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Re: [newbie] Install/Boot problem

On Sunday 25 April 2004 16:37, Everard Brown wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have installed woody via 'net boot'. All went well, but I can't
> boot from the hard disk.
> System: SPARCstation 20
>         32Mb RAM
>         No floopy or CDROM drive
> Issues that make me suspicious include:
> o I used the 's' parameter in fdisk to partition this disk. This gave
> me: sda1 /
>   sda2 swap
>   sda3 Whole Disk
> o SILO refused to install.

sda1 (the partition containing /boot) probably extends past the first 
1GB of disk space.  On SparcStation 20s, the partition that 
contains /boot must completely reside in the first 1GB of disk space 
(due to OpenBOOT bugs/restrictions)

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