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Re: PCI USB card & Sun Ultra 5 => hangs on boot

On Sat, 17 Apr 2004 10:21:57 +0100 Richard Jones <rich@annexia.org>
| Inspired by some of the earlier messages on this list I bought a
| cheapo PCI USB card (VIAUSB20 VIA VT6212) and plugged it into my Sun
| Ultra 5.
| Unfortunately this causes the machine to completely hang with a blank
| screen on boot. 

I have two VT6212 chipset USB2 cards that behave in the same way, and
I've heard reports that the VT6202 is the same. Every NEC chipset USB2
card I've tried works fine in the same box (u10), so I suspect it's a
buggy hardware issue.

Ciaran McCreesh
Mail:       ciaranm at firedrop.org.uk

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