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A tiring recipe to install sarge!

Yesterday I decided to upgrade from woody to sarge. I didn`t use sarge iso image cd, nor netinst, and so on. I went by other way, more complicated, I agree, but it worked. The steps I did was:
1. Install woody base system only (stable);
2. Compile a new kernel using egcs64 (old no!, but works!). Here you must know your machine in order to construct the best kernel you can. Also, with egcs64 you will be able to construct only 2.4 kernel series or under. 2.6 series don't compile with gcc-2.95 and egcs64, they are really quite old;
3. Clean all packages you can: gcc-2.95, egcs64, etc;
4. Change /etc/apt/souces.list puting testing above stable;
5. Do "apt-get update";
6. Don't do "apt-get upgrade", but "apt-get install libc6" first;
7. After that you can do "apt-get upgrade". There are lots of things to fix in this step, and you will do "dpkg-reconfigure <package_name>" many times! 8. When you reach "apt-get upgrade" and the prompt returns 0 packages you will be able to install everthing you want.
Some notes:
(a) Forget! x-window-system 4.3 won't give you your console any more! If you want your console, *don't install x-window-system 4.3*. Of course, you will have xterm inside x-system. I'm saying: forget the sequence "Control+Alt+F1"; (b) Init 2.85 will complain in the boot process about tmpfs... bla-bla-bla. I'm not using it, so I don't care about. Probably this need some line in silo.conf. I don't know what. But I remember Ben C. said something regarding this, about some parameter you put, etc...

I spent 3 hours doing this process.

A. L. Pacifico

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