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Re: PPP network restarting problem


Thanks for the information.
I found my problem in Debian-bugs page:


It is 133 days old.
All pppoe versions in Debian (stable, testing, unstable) are affected by
this bug.

I'm affraid that I have to write a small script (called by cron) or
something else which restarts ppp manually, if I want continuous
connection. :-(

On Mon, 12 Apr 2004, andrew burd wrote:

> I believe there are pppoe programs that handle all of that for you.

> > pppd[pid1]: Serial connection established.
> > pppd[pid1]: Couldn't create new ppp unit: Inappropriate ioctl for device
> > pppoe[pid3]: PADS: Service-Name: ''
> > pppoe[pid3]: PPP session is 34643
> > pppoe[pid3]: read (asyncReadFromPPP): Input/output error
> > pppoe[pid3]: Sent PADT

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