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[no subject] Aliases for root & /sbin permissions ALPHA 1.0 kernel Another minor Debian 0.91 buglet assurance that / is read-only before fsck Backup Program Re: Berkeley (was UUCP) BSD mount vs. Setgid - reply to Stephen White bug-list, GNATS, default editors, etc. BUGS and CHANGES-0.92 files Re: Bug tracking system Re: CHANGES-0.92 contributions Correction... Re: cron job to clean out old cat pages Debian bootdisk issues -> default editors default umask (was Re: Yet more bugs in 0.91.) Re: DIRECTORY PERMISSIONS documentation for contrib packages Documentation of the private groups proposal Elvis 1.7 vs 1.8 Files uploaded to ftpd Re: Guidelines HDB style locks (was "kermit") Is crond sending mail? Keyboard moifiers Khoros disk space LEAST SURPRISE mail-net DEBIAN channel on Moderation OFF Moderation ON Re: More bugs in 0.91 ... more Debian 0.91 nitpicks Mosaic: Call to order :) new adduser - please test NEW PROPOSAL Nice Job packages and other stuff. Packaging for Debian Perl5 package uploaded to sunsite Re: Perl and other issues _PPP_ PRIVATE GROUPS Re: Private groups Private groups ... PRIVATE GROUPS 1/2 PRIVATE GROUPS 2/2 Private groups & umask 002 proposal Python python Re: Python (was: Re: Perl) RCS DEBATE Re: readline shared library Some notes about Debian 0.91 Re: SOURCE (fwd) RE: STEPHEN WHITE'S PR STEPHEN WHITE'S PROPOS Stephen White's proposal involving a `private' group uid=gid argument Re: user/group -- compromise proposal -- __DOCUMENTATION__ user/group -- my compromise proposal user-private GIDs argument Re: user private groups and a src group User private groups - reply to Remy Card (devel) users, groups, src accounts using GNATS for Debian UUCP Re: Who is working on term? The X11 package for Debian (long) YAP (Yet Another Proposal) Yet more bugs in 0.91. The last update was on 20:01 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 181 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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