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Re: Bug tracking system

On Mon, 21 Mar 1994 imurdock@gnu.ai.mit.edu wrote:

>    Date: Sun, 20 Mar 94 19:49 PST
>    From: Charlie Brady <charlieb@tplrd.tpl.oz.au>
>    Has anyone looked at "gnats" to see if it is suitable for automating
>    bug tracking. Here is some blurb from Gnu.announce:
> [...]
> I was going to ask the same question.  Has anyone used it?  It sounds
> like it just might fit our needs.

I haven't used it, but it was evaluated here, and rejected as not 
suitable for our needs. That doesn't mean it won't be suitable for Debian 
- I think it may be. But I'm told it is big - so someone with a 
reasonable amount of space and time will need to get it working. We don't 
have the source on-line, but we do have hard copy of some manuals.

    GNATS - Problem Reporting Management System

    GNATS is a bug-tracking tool designed for use at a central support site.
    Software users who experience problems use electronic mail to 
    communicate problems to the maintainers of that software; GNATS 
    partially automates the tracking of these problems by:

    +  organizing problem reports into a database and notifying responsible
       parties of suspected bugs;

    +  allowing support personnel and their managers to edit, query and
       report on accumulated bugs; and

    +  providing a reliable archive of problems with a given program and a
       history of the life of the program by preserving its reported problems
       and their subsequent solutions.


It sounds quite interesting to me.

GNATS is Copyright Cygnus Support - Is there anyone doing Debian work 
from Cygnus, because I know there is Linux interest there.

Using something like GNATS will certainly help Debian Linux to avoid an 
SLS reputation.

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