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Re: Debian bootdisk issues

According to imurdock@gnu.ai.mit.edu:
> I'm working on the bootdisk and I'd like a few opinions.  Several
> people have mentioned that non-US keytables should be available at
> install time.  I agree completely, but unfortunately there is not much
> room to spare on the bootdisk.
> Is it worth going back to boot/root disks for 0.92 to accommodate this
> (and to allow a few other programs to be included on the bootdisk,
> such as vi)?  It seems to be the only way...

Isn't the keymaps on the base disk(s)?  That could be a "fair"
compromise.  Having the boot/root configuration makes having
the multiple kernel images a little harder to do.  Unless
you use an fs and lilo and make sure the kernel will pause
for booting a separate root image.  [And you will have 4 disks
to worry about if done that way.  boot/root/2 bases]


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