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uid=gid argument

I'd like to call time on the uid=gid argument. I'm convinced this issue
is not going to come to resolution through discussion here. Perhaps a
demonstration would be more appropriate.

The people who feel uid=gid is important are perfectly capable of
building a package to implement it on top of a newly-installed release,
including a script to change all permissions on every file in the
distribution. Such a package can be installed on top of an existing
Debian system with somewhat more difficulty than if the system came
configured that way out of the box.

Please don't ask everyone to take it on faith that uid=gid is appropriate.
And don't consider it overridingly important that you "save" every user
by getting uid=gid into their system now. Put together a package that
implements it. Show us how many users you get, and how they feel about it,
and then you'll have the amunition to show that everybody's system should
be configured that way.


	Bruce Perens

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