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Re: More bugs in 0.91 ...

Yet more I'm afraid ...

I wrote:
>* There should be provision for installing a non-US Xmodmap file.
> [...]
>there should be a line
> DisplayManager._0.setup:        /usr/X386/lib/X11/xdm/Xsetup_0
>in xdm-config, and then Xsetup_0 should contain the hook to load the
>system Xmodmap file.  This has to be done at this point so that users
>with special characters in their passwords will be able to type them.

I've since been convinced that the xdm-config file itself should be in
/etc/X11, or at least be a symlink to a default version.

This will make it possible to add extra X servers, make obscure
configuration changes, etc.

* sys/socket.ph &c are missing.  h2ph is capable of making them,
though the required file cdefs.ph doesn't work terribly well and has
to have     sub __GNUC__ {0;}
added.  You need to make linux/*.ph as well as sys/*.ph of course.

* `su' should not be aliased in /etc/profile.  Firstly, the profile is
the wrong place (aliases are not exported) and secondly `su' should be
just vanilla `su' by default.

* `rm', `cp' and `mv' should not be aliased in root's default
profile.  Same two reasons as above.  "To avoid accidents" is a poor
reason to make these aliases - they will merely confuse people, and
cause accidents when people don't have them and annoyance when they
do.  If you must, make a general alias `del' or some such for `rm -i'.

* Various files in .../sbin aren't readable/executable by normal
users.  This is silly.  We have
in /sbin:     brc, getty, ifconfig, ifsetup, lilo, route, uugetty
in /usr/sbin: crond, iflink, lpc, lptest, miscd, pac

* There is no manpage for /usr/sbin/miscd.

* It would be nice if the Perl package installed Perl rename.


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