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Since it came up recently, I'd like to mention that I have a python 1.0.1
(latest version) package compiled with dynamic loading and shared readline
library (so you'll need librl.so.1.2).  It includes the binary, the library,
and some small amount of README-like documentation as well as the FAQ.

If anyone's interested, I can put it in debian/Incoming on sunsite.  It's
not very useful unless you have documentation for it, though (available
as LaTeX, .dvi, or .ps).

Oh, and about librl.so.1.2: does anyone see any problem with using the
readline shared library in bash and ftp?  It's the version that came
with bash 1.13, so it's somewhere near the latest version, if not THE
latest version.  I have used bash compiled with it for some time, and
now that I have other binaries that use it, like ftp, ncftp, and python,
I think it saves an appreciable amount of space.

It's just a minor tweak, but it would save me a lot of hassle if Debian
at least offered it as an option, as most of the packages I compile
with readline will use it, and I'd hate to have to recompile for
distribution packages.

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