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more Debian 0.91 nitpicks

   Date: Tue, 1 Mar 94 01:23 PST
   From: gt8134b@acme.gatech.edu (Robert Sanders)

     - this has been mentioned before, but the "TERM=console" line in
       /etc/profile (and the csh equivalent) probably does more harm
       than good.

All of the /etc/profile, ~/.profile, ~/.bashrc [...] problems caused
by kludgy source'ing and the system-wide rather than per-user setting
of aliases and variables should now be solved.  It's all been cleaned
up.  So TERM is now set in each individual user's shell initialization
script, and it is now done via `tput' to simplify the process.  (0.92
also includes the NetBSD termcap -- with Linux console additions, of
course -- as I noticed a problem when I tried to telnet to a machine
running Debian while using a Z29 terminal. :)

   Also, the one response to my "please include perl" article wasn't very
   enthusiastic, so perhaps the best way to lobby for perl as a required
   package is to write some fantastic scripts in Perl.  I don't think
   anyone has the spare time to go around rewriting things in C and sh
   (believe me, programming in Perl is MUCH faster than in either of those),
   so maybe that'll make it stick :-)

I think you're right on the money.  If you write useful perl
administration scripts, either the user will install perl or he won't
use your scripts.  Go for it.

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