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Nice Job

I just installed Debian 0.91 on my secondary machine.  Nice job!!!

Your bootdisk boot message states that the minimum configuration is 4 Meg.
I would like to inform you that the system loads quite nicely on a system
with 3 Meg of Ram.

Suggestion:  The root user should (IMO) be aware of all files on the system,
hidden or not.  Please add 'alias ls="ls -Fa"' to /root/.profile.  Also an
alias for 'ls -la' would be very nice.  I have seen 'll' and 'l' used as
the alias for 'ls -l' in various systems.  Perhaps, to be consistent, add
'alias l="ls -l"' to /etc/profile and 'alias l="ls -la"' to /root/.profile.

Suggestion:  When one finishes with the network section of the dinstall
program it asks you to confirm the settings.  If you respond 'n', it asks
you for all of the information again, but the data you have input has been
lost and must be re-entered.  The old data should become the default the
second time around.

Suggestion:  The dinstall program asks configuration questions in various
categories.  It would be nice if I could go back now and change some aspect
of the configuration (say, to add a mouse or modem).  Perhaps if one could
run 'dinstall modem' or 'dinstall network'.

Offer:  If you would like me to implement any of the suggestions I have
made, please send me email.  (Putting My Time Where My Mouth Is mode.)

My minimal system:  386sx/16, 3 Meg RAM, 40 Meg HD, 1.44 Meg Floppy Drive,
	Monochrome VGA display, one serial port, one parallel port, PS/2
	mouse port (no mouse), Debian 0.91 installed.

My "big" system:  386sx/20, 4 Meg RAM, 124 Meg HD, 1.44 Meg Floppy Drive,
	1.2 Meg Floppy Drive, Color VGA display (Trident card), Monochrome
	display, two serial ports, two parallel ports, Linux 0.99.13
	(I started with SLS a long time ago, got disgusted with it and
	managed on my own since then.  If 0.92 is as good as 0.91, I will
	probably update this system ASAP).

The two systems were connected via PLIP before I installed Debian 0.91 on
the minimal system.  I will have to redo that configuration.

					Thank You,
					David H. Silber

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