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Re: debian-bugs@pixar.com -> debian-devel@pixar.com

On Thu, 17 Mar 1994 bruce@beagle.pixar.com wrote:

> At Ian Murdock's request, I have the debian-bugs@pixar.com alias set
> to forward to the debian-devel mailing list. This will save Ian from
> forwarding the messages by hand.
> In the long term, we might consider having a volunteer (or volunteers)
> who will take bug reports, forward them to the appropriate package
> maintainer, _track when they are repaired_, and maintain a publicly
> accessable bug list. Is anyone interested in this?

Has anyone looked at "gnats" to see if it is suitable for automating
bug tracking. Here is some blurb from Gnu.announce:

   * Gnats 3.01

     Gnats (GNats: A Tracking System) is a bug-tracking system.  It is based
     upon the paradigm of a central site or organization which receives
     problem reports and negotiates their resolution by electronic mail.
     Although it's been used primarily as a software bug-tracking system so
     far, it is sufficiently generalized so that it could be used for
     handling system administration issues, project management or any number
     of other applications.

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