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Re: The X11 package for Debian (long)

Helmut Geyer writes:
> Leading # means that this package should be there, but is IMHO not 
> placed rightly in the X11 packages. Mostly a more proper location
> is pointed out.
> Leading R means that I think of this part as required to run X11.
>      - windowmanagers (wm):
> R           fvwm (this should be the standard wm), including pixmaps and

Well, okay.  Everyone seems to love that damn thing, but I find it distasteful.
I can't tell if it's aiming at the look-and-feel of Windows or Motif.  I
also was not overly impressed by the memory savings, but there were
definitely some differences between the memory usage of fvwm and that
of ctwm.

> ?       Is there need for other wm choices (besides olvwm that comes with the
> ?       xview contrib package)? I can provide ctwm, piewm and gwm as well,

I think ctwm can satisfy the *twm needs of most everybody.  It also seems
to be the only *twm that's being actively developed.

> R        libXpm (at present version 3.3, haven't tried 3.4 yet) including 
>                 the pixmap editor pixmap 2.4.

ctwm can use this as well.

>          libgr (at present only needed for xv, but I think it should be 

Well, the svgalib graphics viewers zgv, spic, and seejpeg can all link
against this.  It's a substantial savings in disk space, if you don't
keep the .a files around as well.

>       xdvik, bibview, xtexcad, transfig 

What is xdvik?  Is that a type of xdvi, or is that an enhancement?  
Is xtexcad stable now?  The last time I used it (a long time ago) it
segfaulted whenever I sneezed.  

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