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The X11 package for Debian (long)

Hello all!

Here is a proposal, what is to be included in the X11 distribution
and/or contrib packages using X11.
Some of these will probably be covered by some other packages. If so,
please mail me about it (some things are cleared already, but I will 
list those here again to have the complete picture). Those people I 
could see on the latest developing list may be working on some of these.
If you are working on something of this list and are not noted, please 
contact me.

There are a lot of questions within this, so please answer them.
Questions are indicated by a leading question mark.
Any other comments are very welcome, too.

If you are missing something that is of general interest or if you find
something obsolete, feel free to complain.

Leading # means that this package should be there, but is IMHO not 
placed rightly in the X11 packages. Mostly a more proper location
is pointed out.
Leading R means that I think of this part as required to run X11.

So here is what I want to see (any help with this project is appreciated).

The basis packages (=that's what I want in the distribution):

- XFree86 category:
      complete XFree86 2.1 distribution (I would like to have it like 
      this, nothing added, nothing left out) without servers and LinkKit.

- Xservers category: All servers and the LinkKit including a hga server.

- X11 (requires XFree86 & Xservers) category:
     - windowmanagers (wm):
R           fvwm (this should be the standard wm), including pixmaps and
                   configuration scripts.
?       Is there need for other wm choices (besides olvwm that comes with the
?       xview contrib package)? I can provide ctwm, piewm and gwm as well,
?       but do not like them as well.
     - small utilities for X11:
R           colour and ansi Xterm, rxvt & needed fonts
#R          the svgalib restore/save commands (they are missing in the 
                      vgalib package of 0.91, but should go there). 
R           xlock
R           XConsole from procps
            xinfo (only if no emacs present)
     - additional libraries :
R        libXpm (at present version 3.3, haven't tried 3.4 yet) including 
                the pixmap editor pixmap 2.4.
         libgr (at present only needed for xv, but I think it should be 
                in the distribution).

- X11 developer category :
?     Do we want to keep the shared and the static/stub libraries in one 
?     package or do we want to split them up and put the static/stubs into 
?     this category? I want to be able to compile anything I can run on the 
?     system by myself without installing a second package, but it takes
?     a lot of disk space to have the static/stubs and headers around.
      - fwf free widget foundation libraries.
      - xxgdb
      - ups

- tinyX (requires XFree86 & Xservers) category:
     package for X11 on systems with small memory.

- X / TeX category:
      xdvik, bibview, xtexcad, transfig 
#     TeXshell  (needs tcl/tk) should -> contrib-tcl/tk

- X11 graphics category ( this intersects what J. Robinson is doing)
      these are things I would like to have in the distribution, not in a 
      contrib package:
     - xfig 
     - ghostview (requires gs with X11 support)
     - xv 3.00a patched for gzip (this is Shareware and should therefore
       perhaps go into the contrib package, though it is very useful).
       inluded some demo pictures (logos in different formats, Linus GIFs)
       (requires gs with pbmraw support)
     - gnuplot (x11 only)
     - netpbm 

- X11 mail & news:
     - Mumail
     - mailx (-> svalente@athena.mit.edu)
     - xmailtool
     - xrn
- X11 connectivity:
     xarchie, xgopher, xftp
     seyon (-> porterm@er4.eng.ohio-state.edu)

- X11 editors: 
     - emacs (-> Dan Quinlan, own package)
     - aXe 6.1
?        are there other editors needed? I use emacs only, so I couldn't 
?        know...

The contrib packages:

- X11 desktops (listed as contrib, as none of these is that good that I would
          want to work with it by default):
    xfilemanager, xdesk, xdtm

- Mosaic:
      Mosaic 2.2 statically and dynamically linked to libXm
      Mosaic for term connections.
?          I cannot do this as I do not have Motif. I would like to
?          see it, though. Anyone?

- X11 games (-> talvola@fennel.berkeley.edu)

- Interviews
?          where is interviews to reside? I'm not up to date with the 
?          fsstnd discussion on themes like that. If there are no
?          objections I will put the  external binaries and manpages into the 
?          appropriate subdirs of /usr/X386 and the rest into 
?          /usr/X386/lib/Interviews

  Thank you for reading,


Helmut Geyer                                Helmut.Geyer@iwr.uni-heidelberg.de

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