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Is crond sending mail?

I didn't see this in any bug reports, my crond doesn't seem to be
mailing any output.

I tried with and without "MAILTO=root"

here's some string output from crond:
/usr/lib/sendmail -F"Cron Daemon" -odi -oem -or0s %s
From: root (Cron Daemon)
To: %s
Subject: cron for %s@%s said this
Date: %s
X-Cron-Cmd: <%s>
X-Cron-Env: <%s>
[%d] closing pipe to mail
mailed %d byte%s of output but got status 0x%04x

I didn't see any flags that might enable this in crontab or crond
manpages. Somebody advise me so I can find out if my backups
are taking place without doing a table of contents :)

Note for brain-farters: I have to deal with an older SCO release at
work and "crontab -r <file>" just deletes your current crontab!

        -joe        "Honey, they're in *everybody's* eggs" --firesigns

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