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Re: Guidelines

Your message dated: Sun, 20 Mar 94 20:25:00 PST
>I think that we should do a little vote on this....
>I have many users here that all we teach to them is Emacs...
>[stuff deleted]

Please dont start a flame war over this, like every other time
it has come up. I think both vi and emacs are hard to use..
I think pico is a good choice for a default editor. Anyone
that knows how to use vi or emacs, can probably learn to set an
EDITOR variable. Both my mom and two sisters learned how to use
pico w/o ANY help. This is an amazing feet that should deem it 
the default editor.

Of course, when accounts are created, they will inherit the default
scripts. In these scripts anyone wishing to have the editor that doesnt
win the vote can just set the EDITOR variable in these scripts and 
they wont notice a thing.


#                       -Paul   (kilroy@ms.uky.edu)
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