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Re: uid=gid argument

Bruce Perens:
  I'd like to call time on the uid=gid argument. I'm convinced this
  issue is not going to come to resolution through discussion

I think it's fairly obvious that we should provide a script to switch
back and forth between the three configurations under discussion.  I
can write a "modgrp" script which changes the current configuration,
but I'm a little leary of re-writing something like adduser on the
fly.  Can we have a configuration file that tells adduser how to act?

Are there any other distinctions we wish to make about groups?

Currently, I understand:
bogus group (numeric id, but nothing in group -- can exist in
  /etc/passwd, or can exist in filesystem [requires find]).
orphaned groups (no ids assigned to that group)
groups with no signon id (id has * in password field).
system groups with signon id(s) [usually root, and sometimes sysadmin].
user groups [this can include things like guest].

Raul D. Miller

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