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default editors

   Date: Sat, 26 Mar 94 14:58 PST
   From: quinlan@spectrum.cs.bucknell.edu (Daniel Quinlan)

   ed/ex/vi are the only editors which should be considered default on a
   UNIX system.  /bin/ed is for emergencies and /usr/bin/ex and /usr/bin/vi
   are for non-emergencies.

Interesting opinions, Daniel.  Want to know what I think?  (Not fair; I
read _your_ blundering generalizations.)

I think Emacs should be the default on a GPL'ed and largely GNU

No, I'm not starting anything.  At least, I promise not to _continue_ this

   More or less.  However, it has a number of Emacs-ish key bindings (C-n,
   C-p, C-a, C-e, and so forth) that make it tolerable for people like me.


Is the religious and facetious nature of my reply clear enough, or do I
have to spell it out?

Matthew Birkholz

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