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documentation for contrib packages

   I need some input on where to store some documentation for some of
   the packages I'm putting together.  This is all non-manpage stuff:
   news clippings, READMEs, example programs, etc.  It seems to me
   that I should create subdirectories in /usr/doc (such as /usr/doc/perl5
   and /usr/doc/clisp).  The fsstnd seems to allow placing almost anything
   in /usr/lib/PROGRAM directories, but it seems to me that online help
   is best placed there, while "stand-alone" text might be better off
   in /usr/doc.

I agree with a /usr/doc directory.  Many programs come with extra
documentation in TeX, PostScript, or just plain ASCII, which are
not man pages or Info files.  I would think that if it is one file,
it could be located directly under /usr/doc, but if it is a collection
of documents, then perhaps /usr/doc/<pkg> would be used. 

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