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Keyboard moifiers

Hello all!

I need to know, which modifier are used in international keytables
for those keys that cannot be accessed anymore via the usual keymaps
(i.e. usual = normal and shifted normal). The map with the next higher
priority is that using AltGr (or Right Alt, which is the same).
As XFree86 will be able to read these maps directly from the kernel, 
but cannot get the main mofifier key (in fact X can only have two 
major maps, the normal and the ModeShift map, so we only can use one 
more map besides the normal). I guess the AltGr is rather standard
for many countries, so please tell me if it's different otherwise 
I only will support the AltGr map as modifier map for X.


Helmut Geyer                                Helmut.Geyer@iwr.uni-heidelberg.de

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