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Re: YAP (Yet Another Proposal)

Remy Card writes:
> 	Now, we have to prevent files created in home directories to
> be readable and writable by users belonging to the same group.  I
> suggest that we use the permissions set on home directories.  If we
> create home directories with mode 700, nobody will be allowed to
> access others' files.  Thus, this scheme does not imply private
> groups.

I help administer a network of Sun Sparcstations and PCs in a research
lab at ASU.  As the default we create all new accounts with world read
permission (mode 755) on each new user's home directory.  We do this
because we believe it fosters cooperation and sharing of information.
Also, it makes it easier for us (the system administrators) since we
can just answer newbies by saying, "look at my .foobarrc file" or
"copy my classproject.tex file" instead of stopping to e-mail it.
Most times questions are eliminated altogether because people can use
find and grep to get what they need.  Therefore, I hate to see the
Debian default mode for home directories be 700.

Just my 0.5 cents.  :-)


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