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YAP (Yet Another Proposal)

Remy Card proposes (unless I'm mistaken) that under a umask of 002
people should protect their files from abuses by those who happen to
be members of the group which owns their home directory by changing
the mode of their home directory to 700 !

I'm rather shocked to find Remy Card coming up with something which is
IMO so ill-considered.

People usually want to have the majority of their files visible to
(readable by) most of the rest of the users.  This involves giving
everybody at least `rx' access to all of your directories.

It's not a `solution' to the problem that other people whom you wish
to be able to read but not write your files can write them to arrange
for those people to be unable to access them at all !  Err, sorry
about that nasty nested sentence ...

Also, of course, applications like `finger' require the user's home
directory to be at least ?11 so that the .plan and .project are
visible.  This makes the whole thing very difficult to maintain


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