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Some notes about Debian 0.91


First of all: I'm Luca, from Italy. I'm one of the founders of the
Italian Linux Society, which is born with the goal of promoting
and developing Linux in Italy. It's a non-profit and volunteers

I've uploaded the italian keymaps to sunsite on last Saturday, file
italian.tgz (sorry for the late advice).

Now I'd like to make some comments about Debian 0.91, which I've installed
on my machine and on the machine of 2 friends of mine.
(BTW: It is just a _very_ good work, and I'd like to support Debian
as the or one of the official distributions of ILS).

- When e2fsck during bootup phase is checking a not-clean partition
  it first checks the partition, and the writes the message
  "partition not clean, checking it"
  Should it not display this message before check?

- This is a bug reported to me by a friend of mine (he is an OS/2 user):
  If the OS/2 partition is inserted in the fstab, during the boot
  phase fsck tries to check it, but it doesn't found the fsck.os2 program
  so it aborts going singleuser, with the usual message "fsck failed. 
  Please reboot".
  Should fsck ignore this type of partition (like msdos partition) ?

- I've tryed to run the makewhatis program, but after some times sed
  tells me: 
  sed: Couldn't re-allocaate memory.
  I've 8 Meg of Ram plus 20 Mega of swap, and sed was in practice the
  only process running (well, bash and some other minor programs apart).
  After a lot of minutes I interrupted it, since with the makewhatis
  that I had in the SLS it took less time, even with a large number of
  man pages (a very large).

- I hope that twm and joe will be included by default in a future relase 
  of Debian.
  Expecially joe, since for newbies `vi' is not always well-accepted.
  What about ctwm-3.1 ?? It is pretty nice.

- What about applying the non-blinking cursor patches as default in the
  kernel?? I've them since pl14, and I personally can't stand blinking
  cursor, but it is simply possible to switch between different cursor
  colors and type, so everyone should be satisfyed  ;-)).

That's all, for the moment :)

Bye, Luca.

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| University of Genova, Italy    | - Luca Maranzano                (o o)      |
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