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more Debian 0.91 nitpicks

Debian developers,

  More tiny tweaks on the road to perfection... you know, one of us really
should write system-wide versions of 'diff' and 'patch'.  It would save us 
a lot of trouble translating these changes into English :-) 

  -  The /etc/rc.d/rc.* files should probably all have "#!/bin/sh" at the

  -  The command to enable accounting (/usr/bin/accton) in rc.K needs to
     be protected with an "if [ -x /usr/bin/accton ]" test for those of
     us who choose not to so encumber our systems.

  -  The commands in rc.S and rc.K to remount root read-write can be changed
     so that the root device need not be hardcoded.  The more recent mount
     versions are smart enough to consult /etc/fstab, and the mount included
     with Debian is recent enough.  The remount lines can read:
           /bin/mount -n -o remount /

  -  The /usr/bin/groff etc. text processing commands might be well-served
     by making symlinks to them from their normal UNIX equivalents like
     nroff->groff, tbl->gtbl, eqn->geqn, etc.  Some makefiles call them
     explicitly.  Than again, perhaps not.

  - this has been mentioned before, but the "TERM=console" line in /etc/profile
    (and the csh equivalent) probably does more harm than good.

Also, the one response to my "please include perl" article wasn't very
enthusiastic, so perhaps the best way to lobby for perl as a required
package is to write some fantastic scripts in Perl.  I don't think
anyone has the spare time to go around rewriting things in C and sh
(believe me, programming in Perl is MUCH faster than in either of those),
so maybe that'll make it stick :-)

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